ITMO University to Take Part in BRICS Network University

According to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, taking part in this project each university should develop one of the top-priority fields of BRICS Network University such as information security, power economy, ecology, economics and computer sciences. This initiative aims to increase international academic mobility activities, develop the rules for the global educational environment, invent new R&D projects and support innovative ideas. BRICS Network University will offer PhD, postgraduate and continuing education programs.

“Taking part in BRICS Network University we plan to invite more students from all over the world to follow ITMO`s training programs. Apart from that participation into this international project together with other large universities will help to move up in the top university`s rankings and make new contacts,” noted Georgy Maslov, head of Department of International Educational Programs.

Mr. Maslov also said that ITMO University as a participant of BRICS Network University will offer programs connected with computer sciences. The students will come to St. Petersburg for a term, which lasts six month, to study various disciplines as well as follow distant learning courses while staying at home.

According to Georgy Maslov, these programs will be launched in September 2016. To join BRICS Network University the Departments and Chairs of ITMO University have to prepare required documents, organize such educational activities as workshops, seminars and meetings with partner universities from different countries.

The participants of BRICS Network University signed up a memorandum, which established several important obligations. For example, the universities that provide a joint research project can use the results of their scientific activities on equal terms. BRICS Network University includes not only large projects, but also non-degree, short term programs, seminars as well as symposia. It is planned that this project will include both educational and extra academic activities – the students will be given an opportunity to organize and participate in festivals, sport and travel projects. After the graduation the students will be awarded with diplomas of their universities and also with BRICS Network University certificates. In spite of the fact that universities of different countries provide specific educational activities, the experts believe that this project will be successful.

“BRICS Network University aims to train skilled and motivated experts who are able to think critically, to face and solve various challenges connected with economic and social problems as well as to take part in international activities using fundamental theories and new approaches. I am sure that graduate students of this university will be excellent expert who will serve at BRICS departments and other organizations,” said Dmitry Livanov, the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.