Summary 2015: Magic of Light, Innovations and Research Achievements

Six-time ACM ICPC champions

The outgoing year brought lots of records. ITMO University`s team consisting of Gennady Korotkevich, a famous Russian sport programmer as well as talented IT gurus Artem Vasilyev and Boris Minaev, who placed 3rd at ACM ICPC-2014, won ACM – ICPC 2015 became the champion. It was the sixth time when ITMO`s programmers placed 1st. Currently Russian coders has entered the final of ACM – ICPC 2016.


The milestone birthday

ITMO University celebrated the 110th anniversary of its first graduation in St. Petersburg “SIBUR ARENA” on October, 10. More than 4, 000 guests enjoyed interactive exhibits, a 3D show and various exciting activities. Furthermore, that same day ITMO Store opened its doors! To escape the cold everyone can buy a hoodie with a motto “IT’s MOre than a UNIVERSITY” as well as branded mugs with felt cup covers printed with traditional Russian patterns. Apart from that a “like counter” constructed by Fab Lab`s engineers started working. The device shows total number of users that follow English and Russian ITMO University Facebook profiles.


International Year of Light 2015 in St. Petersburg

International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies was launched on April 2. Georgy Poltavchenko, St. Petersburg`s governor, underlined the importance of this project in his opening speech. IYL-2015 included international conferences, lectures and forums aimed at research discussions centered around optics and photonics. Apart from that the organizers initiated various social and interactive meetings. One of the largest projects of the Year was "Magic of Light" exhibition. Some 75, 000 visitors came to the famous Eliseev House (Birzhevaja Linija, 14) to enjoy more than 200 exhibits.


Science Communication: how to make research activities popular

The pioneering science communication training “SciComm Mission” launched by ITMO University specialists brought together skilled Russian science journalists and PR experts who gave their lectures and workshops. According to the lecturers, a science communicator is an expert who clears up misunderstandings between researchers and journalists assisting scientists to make contacts with industry, business and consumers. The organizers plan to launch an online Science Communication course as well as the Russian first Master Program in Science Communication.

Moreover, ITMO launched “Open University” project, initiated as a match making area for interaction between the best researchers and professors of St. Petersburg universities with students and young scientists. The experts comment on the most relevant scientific issues and answer the questions of visitors. According to its` organizers, the program Open University 2016 will be more interesting. 


The summer of open-air innovations

To present its` innovative inventions ITMO University organized two festivals called “Geek Picnic” and “Vkontacte.” Both open-air meetings brought together tens of thousands visitors who joined glasses of virtual reality, a Vincent van Gogh`s picture constructed by a 3D printer, 3D pens as well as useful ice-cream consisted of liquid nitrogen.


Turning ideas into reality

One more trend of ITMO university is launching of Future Technologies hardware accelerator. It aims to assist students, graduates and researchers to develop their own prototypes and present them at international exhibitions such as SLUSH. In September 2015 the first participants of Future Technologies` session graduated. The next session started on December 1; its newcomers have to spend New Year Holidays for preparing for presenting their ideas. Authors of the most promising projects will become the residents of the Accelerator. The researchers and developers make their prototypes with the assistance of the Fab Lab`s facilities. Instead of the fact that the Laboratory has not celebrated the first birthday (it was organized on February 16) Fab Lab has opened its` doors for more than 700 visitors who developed about 40 projects.


Students` power

Contributing to ITMO University`s development its` students became key initiators and stakeholders of large projects and meetings. This year ITMO University Student Council won a grant by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. Moreover, according to Optical Society of America (OSA), ITMO University Optical Student Chapter was awarded as the best student chapter in the world. Apart from that Student Project Office “5-100S” was developed in St. Petersburg. They offered so-called “Roadmap,” which included 6 strategic areas of university development such as “Science,” “Education,” “HR/Alumni,” “PR,” “Innovation,” “Management System.” It is also planned to attract students so as to deal with international and research activities under the leadership of skilled supervisors.


The future of ITMO University looks promising because its` researchers develop innovative inventions, contribute to ITMO University well-being and create fresh ideas!

Congrats! Happy New Year 2016!