Future is Here: Open Innovations Forum and Technology Show Took place in Moscow

The program of the forum included several contests, where ITMO University representatives took part presenting their inventions. Thus two St. Petersburg projects was awarded with prizes: “Video360” and non-invasive blood sugar monitor.

According to Denis Stolyarov, Design and Multimedia Center`s engineer and one of “Video360” inventors, “Virtual reality technologies in education - 360°”project received an audience choice award.

“Having reached the final we contended with projects from Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod Region. More than 30, 000 voted for us, so we got the prize” shared Mr. Stolyarov.

Nina Yanykina, head of Project Management and Innovation Department, noted that it was very prestigious for the University to be appreciated by innovation experts.

“Taking part in the Forum we discussed with our colleagues such topics as state tech initiative, technological brokerage, local and international support programs for startup companies. Being innovative and entrepreneurial university we focus on these problems,” commented Ms. Yanykina.

One of the most discussible topics of the round table meeting was e-learning. Andrey Lyamin, head of Distance Learning Center of ITMO University, took part in a session dedicated to “National Platform for Online Learning.” According to Mr. Lyamin, more than 19, 000 students follow its online courses. The most popular course is web programming.  

“This project gives students an opportunity to follow the best courses developed by universities without entering them. This project provides correct evaluation system.  After completing these online courses students receive certificates that prove their participation,” said Mr. Lyamin.

Dmitry Levanov, Minister of Science and Education of the Russian Federation, said that Internet technologies will not substitute for studying at universities within the next few years.

“Studying at a university a student develops some projects, provides research activities with the assistance of professors. Scientific experience proves that to receive good education one has to be interested in studying and be self-motivated,” said Mr. Levanov.

Dmitry Malkov, Science Communication and Outreach Officer, participated in a roundtable meeting, where discussed how communication affects competitiveness of Russian science. Mr. Malkov shared problems that science communication faced to become an academic discipline.  It would assist Russian inventions to enter international academic community. The expert underlined that not only universities and research centers, but also knowledge-intensive business would be also more promoted because communication science activities assisted its reputation.

 Open Innovations Forum and Technology Show resulted in several cooperation agreements between Russian and international organizations. Thus Eurasian Federation of Oncology to collaborate with Skolkovo in the field of cancer treatment. Vision Labs, one of Skolkovo`s residents, also signed an agreement with “Promobot” in order to design a new promotional robot.