Studying Abroad: ITMO University International Educational Programs

International Educational Programs Department recently met with students in order to share the details of the programs ITMO University offers: Academic Exchange, Double Degree Program, Internship, and Global Education Program.      

"By being here today you've already made the first step. We're thrilled to see so many students interested in such opportunities," said Ekaterina Tulgurova, Head of International Educational Programs Department in her opening statement. 

ITMO student ambassador Ivan Butz advised students to take advantage of all opportunities offered by ITMO and not to waste too much time making a decision. He recommended studying in Finland, where "you can do lab experiments at 3 am."

Academic Exchange Program

All Bachelors who have become a second-year students (and lder) can take part in this program. An applicant will study in one of educational partners of ITMO University such as Lappeenranta University of Technology, University of Wismar, University of Rochester and also different European, American, and Asian universities.

Double Degree Program

This program is accessible for all ITMO University Master`s students. The main thing, which distinguishes this program from Academic Exchange is that after the first term abroad a student receives an opportunity to get a degree of a partner university. All credits that a student has received following this program would be taken into account by ITMO University. It simplifies studying process because students don`t have to pass some exams twice.

“If you don’t want continue studying and go abroad after the first term nobody will make you do that. However even if you stay here, ITMO University Double Degree Program offers disciplines taught in English. So you should estimate your abilities and a level of English,” noted Ekaterina Tulgurova, Head of International Educational Programs Department.


ITMO University offers a variety of Internship programs that last from two weeks to nine month. There are seminars, workshops, and research projects in international labs. A participant of such program receives a certificate.

“It is an opportunity to learn more about international educational areas, about programs and equipment that are used in different universities. If you want to take part in a student conference you should receive approval of a head of your chair and then discuss it with our department in order to get financial support,” said Mrs. Tulgurova.

Global Education Program

The main condition is that a student has to pass entrance exams himself. After being admitted to one of the partnering universities he can apply for Global Education Program in order to get financial support, which covers tuition payment. However this support doesn`t cover transport and accommodation expenses. Furthermore after graduation a participant has to work in one of Russian companies that are the partners of this program for five years.

Conditions of exchange programs

Students from St. Petersburg don`t have to pay for studying. Furthermore one can also receive a support, which covers accommodation expenses. If a student want to study at partnering university, which doesn`t participate in exchange program, he has to apply to International Educational Programs Department of ITMO University. Specialists of the department can arrange with these universities and organize an individual program for such students. It is accessible for all enthusiastic students who really want to study abroad.

“Finish, French and Swiss universities are the most popular nowadays. We also develop more and more partner programs with China,” noted Mrs. Tulgurova.

Financial support

To receive a support one has to apply for a program and present an estimate of expenses. Only the most promising students with a good academic progress can take part in it. Then a special committee selects the most eligible students and prepares an individual support program for each participant of academic exchange program.

English Language Teaching

ITMO University initiated a special course “University Study Skills” in order to prepare Russian students for studying abroad. This program offers two types of classes: a traditional training course headed by English teacher and classes with a native speaker. Students have four academic hours per week during 1-2 terms depending on a qualification. “University Study Skills” also includes preparing for “IELTS”. This training course was initiated by Foreign Language Training Center of ITMO University.

Polina Poleschuk

News portal editorial office