National Taiwan Normal University`s Officials Visited ITMO University

Vladimir Vasilyev, Rector of ITMO University, commented about the key areas of collaboration.

“Taipei is a large city like St. Petersburg. Thus we have the same problems connected with urban planning. Nowadays ITMO University provides a variety of activities like international projects in the field of lighting design, transport engineering research, intelligent system development, and interdisciplinary research connected with art and science. We are going to share our experience and launch joint research programs” mentioned Mr. Vasilyev.

Nowadays National Taiwan Normal University collaborates with European, Asian, American and Australian universities. It also places 22nd in “QS World University Ranking” in world’s top universities for education. More than 15 000 students are studying at National Taiwan Normal University.

ITMO University started collaborating with National Taiwan Normal University in 2013. Russian and Taiwanese researchers visited several international scientific conferences where they presented joint projects.

“Despite of the fact that our university has more humanitarian than technical disciplines we also develope IT and math departments. We are going to collaborate with ITMO University taking part in different research projects,” noted Mr. Chang.

Svetlana Dyakova

News portal editorial office