Russian Ministry of Education Develops Chinese Language Test for High School Graduates

“Those regions where Chinese is popular will participate in this experimental project. Large cities like Moscow, St. Petersburg and also Russian Far East and Khabarovsk Territory are going to take part in it,” said Natalya Tretyak, the First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia is currently analyzing the test version of the exam. The results will be presented in autumn 2015.

Maria Didikovskaia, the director of the Foreign Language Training Center and the head of Internationalization Office of ITMO University, appreciated this project.

“Chinese language is a very useful skill for those building a career in logistics, procurement and international trade,” noted Mrs. Didikovskaia.

Being participants of the BRICS association, China and Russia enjoy close cooperation in different fields, including education and science. According to the report of Russian-Chinese subcommittee, about 600 Chinese and 120 Russian Universities engage in Asian-Russian collaboration. Thus ITMO University is one of the key participants of this collaboration because it organizes various exchange programs for students and teachers and develops educational projects in the field of IT and optical design together with Chinese Universities.

Polina Poleschuk

News portal editorial office