Students of ITMO University Fuse Sport, Science and Art

Formerly the backyard near the laboratory of ITMO University was deserted. Now it features a basketball court, a parallel bar and a ping-pong table.

“This sports ground makes our time out more interesting. Scientists should stay in shape too because sport is an integral part of life,” said Egor Gurvitc, the head of “Optical Student Chapter”, the student of the Chair of Photonics and Optoinformatics.

To make the sports ground more fun students repainted two grey walls with bright graffiti. The first picture represents a scientist playing basketball, the second one is the portrait of Sergei Kozlov, the head of International Institute “Photonics and Optical information Technology”, Xi-Cheng Zhang, the director of “Institute of Optics” (University of Rochester) and Vladimir Vasilyev, the rector of ITMO University.  The portraits are next to a vivid representation of light dispertion. Students started painting in March and finished at the end of May, just as the students of the University of Rochester came to St. Petersburg to take classes at ITMO University.

“We want to make one more graffiti. It will be some optical illusion. The most important for us is to find people who respect this idea and who are ready to help. Fortunately ITMO University are full of such people”.


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