The opening of the International Congress of Optical Sciences "Optics-XXI Century"

On Monday, Oct. 20, in the main hall of the ITMO University the opening of the VIII International Congress "Optics-XXI Century" was held. During the plenary session speakers identified the main directions of the Congress and the range of the challenges, that scientists are facing working in the field of optics and photonics.

The Congress was opened by Vladimir Vasiliev, the rector of the ITMO University. He wished success to all participants of the Congress and expressed the hope that the Eighth International Congress will be the platform where scientific research and development of different groups of scientists will come together and give rise to new projects. Rector emphasized innovation of this event: the first time in its history, the congress program includes not only research papers, but also competition of innovations in the field of photonics for young scientists, organized by the ITMO University, together with the Russian technology platform "Innovative laser, optical and opto-electronic technologies - Photonics" and the "Skolkovo" Fund. Thus, a single event theory would be inextricably linked to practice; and upscale scientists from around the world will be able to share their experiences with young researchers.

Light, which is the subject of study of optical science, became the protagonist not only of the next year (2015 is declared the "Year of the Light"), but also of the Congress, organized in honor of the Day of photonics, celebrated annually on 21 October. During the opening plenary session Evgeny Alexandrov, the chairman of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said that it is truly a scientific holiday, after all, scientists love the light and hate the darkness.

On the first day of the congress Ildor Gabitov, the professor at the University of Arizona, the representative of the "Skolkovo Tech", Arthur Gleym, the graduate student of the Department of Photonics and Optical Information Technology of the ITMO University, the head of a small innovative enterprise "Quantum communication" LLC, and Eugene Iozep, the organizer and leader of the companies group "TCS-optics", the chairman of the Technical Committee of the Russian Federation for Standardization "Optics and optical systems", acted as speakers of the plenary session.

Ildor Gabitov addressed to the review of new quantum photonic materials and devices based on them, in the design and development of which the ITMO University participates actively. Professor Gabitov began his presentation with the lines of Lermontov, thus emphasizing not only scientific, but also the creative force of light that unites scientists-opticians worldwide. Young scientist Arthur Gleym, the participant of the innovative projects competition, presented the report "Creating a quantum network of the ITMO University". The speaker noted the seriousness of the problem of protecting information transmitted on fast speeds, and also told the audience about the latest "updates" of the quantum cryptography world and how the project of the first in Russia quantum network develops. In turn, Evgeny Iozep, the ITMO University graduate, the specialist in the field of product quality and standardization in optical instrumentation, spoke about the introduction of new standards in the various fields of optical instrumentation and urged members of Congress to follow them.

At the end of the first day of the International Congress "Optics XXI Century" Philip Kazin, the head of the Department of design and innovation activity at the ITMO University, gave a talk. Speaker continued the thought of the rector of the university about the new congress format, seeing it as the key to success of the University in the market of science and education. "I hope that this will become a regular practice of the Congress. The idea to unite on one platform the science and innovation in the field of photonics has come to us when representatives of the "Skolkovo" visited the University drew attention to the number of the promising projects conceived at the ITMO University. We realized that we need to expand the relationship between research activities and innovative work of our university". Philip Kazin also noted that it is extremely important for the University that the national competition in photonics is held on its base. The university strives to be a leader among domestic and international educational centers and is ready to become a platform for interaction between higher education institutions in various cities and countries.

"You have to understand that the scientific activities and those of innovation are absolutely related things. For example, Arthur Gleym, who acted as a scientist today, a few hours before the competition presented his innovative project which became the resident of "Skolkovo". ITMO University in this case demonstrates that any decent research project has a great potential for practical implementation", the head of the Department of design and innovation activities of the university, said.

Philip Kazin also told the audience about the upcoming final competition of innovative projects, which will be held on October 24 at the hotel "October", and invited all students and members of Congress to attend the event.