The Conference "Laser Optics 2014": the latest advances in the field of optics and photonics

From June 30 to July 4, 2014 the XVI International Conference "Laser Optics 2014”, the largest scientific event in the field of optics, photonics and laser physics, has being held in Saint Petersburg. The forum was attended by more than 850 scientists from 37 countries. Within four days, there were more than 500 reports in various fields: physics, optics, lasers, optical and quantum generators, nonlinear environment.

"The purpose of any international conference is attraction representatives of different research schools for cooperation and exchange of experience between them. The working language of Laser Optics 2014 is English; the Conference is most open to the international scientific community. This year the Conference brought together scientists from around the world, in particular the lectures were given by university professors of Munich, Glasgow, Boston, New Delhi and Beijing", Andrey Mack, the chairman of the organizing committee, said.

Yuri Kivshar, the scientific supervisor of the laboratory "Metamaterials" of the ITMO University, the head of the Center of nonlinear physics of the Australian National University, was the first speaker of the conference. "My report focuses on dielectric metamaterials and nanophotonics. The basis for this study was the joint work with Pavel Belov, the head of the Laboratory "Metamaterials" of the ITMO University. I am honored to present the first results of the study to the general public here", Yuri Kivshar said.

The practical application of cutting-edge developments in the field of optics and photonics took a special place in the conference program. As a part of the scientific forum the symposium on powerful fiber lasers, as well as a roundtable discussion with representatives of the oil and gas complex, where the latest methods of searching for oil and gas were discussed, were held.

Traditionally, within the "Laser Optics" the International Optical Conference for Young Scientists is held. The key speaker of the Conference this time was Xi-Cheng Zhang, the director of the Institute of Optics, University of Rochester. This year, Professor Zhang became the scientific supervisor of the International Institute "Photonics and Optical Information Technology" created at the ITMO University. "Our task is to focus on education. As a professor I am convinced that our greatest asset is students. Together with Sergey Kozlov, the head of the Department of Photonics and Optical Information Technology of the ITMO University , we create a research center of international level ", Xi-Cheng Zhang said.

During the lecture the professor spoke about the operating principles of the Optical Society, which in 2016 marks one hundred years. The structure of the organization includes more than 17,000 people from 100 countries. Among them there are not only scientists, teachers and students, but also representatives of the business community working in the field of optics, photonics and laser technology. Also, Xi-Cheng Zhang spoke about the plans for the preparing for the International Year of Light and Light Technology, which will be organized in 2015 under the auspices of the ITMO University, serving as a key partner of the International Year of Light in St. Petersburg.

Vladimir Vasiliev, the rector of the ITMO University, who spoke at the forum as a guest of honor, said: "Our University is a longtime partner of the conference "Laser Optics". It is not a first time when the teachers and academic staff participate in the conference as speakers. Support for such major events enhances competitiveness of the Russian higher education and the ITMO University in particular".

A significant highlight of the conference was an exhibition with companies from Russia, the Netherlands, Canada, France, the U.S. and other countries. The ITMO University’s stand attracted the attention of visitors by the unique developments in the field of optical and laser technologies. Employees of the University presented the quantum system of definitely secure data transmission for optical fiber networks, optical-electronic system of color analysis of mineral objects and the Laser Theater LUX AETERNA. The system of the intelligent face recognition and the interaction with the object, the one of the developments of the business incubator QD of the ITMO University, was also demonstrated.

The Conference "Laser Optics" since 1977 is the largest in Russia and Eastern Europe platform for discussing the key issues of laser physics, photonics and optical technologies. According to Ferenc Krausz, the co-founder and head of the Munich-Centre for Advanced Photonics, the scale and scientific potential of the "Laser Optics" stands on a par with the major conferences on optics in the U.S. and Europe.