Forum «Inspiring young people to study physics»

Venue: Helsinki (Finland)

University Of Helsinki

Date: August, 27-30, 2014

Organizer:International academic network "Horizons in Physics Education"

The University ITMO is a partner of HOPE network (associated partner)"


Forum "Inspiring young people to study physics" is organized in the framework of the "Horizons in Physics Education" (HOPE). This program was created with the purpose of development and promotion of the study of physics in European countries. The forum participants will need to answer the following questions: what motivates young people in the choice of profession and how to increase the motivation to study physics. The discussion of the key problems of the modern technical education will be held in several formats: round table discussions, presentations, poster presentations, debates and lectures by invited speakers.

The forum will discuss the following topics:

We invite everyone to participate in the forum. To register please follow the link.

The deadline for abstracts: June, 15, 2014

Contact information:

Ana Luisa Simoes Gamboa

European Officer