Terahertz Biomedicine


Research Directions:

  • Terahertz spectroscopy
  • Terahertz imaging
  • Terahertz tomography
  • Development of methods for medical diagnostics
  • Development of THz metamaterials devices
  • Transformation optics
  • Materials and technology of holography

Development of methods for mediacal diagnostics:

The main area of focus diagnostics of socially important human diseases using ultrashort pulse optical methods (femtosecond lasers and terahertz radiation).

The tasks for the group comprise achievement of world class scientific and innovative results, research for development of new techniques and methods in the field of ultrashort pulse optics for non-invasive monitoring and early diagnostics of structural and functional changes in human hard and soft tissues, as well as in cell cultures, testing of physiologically active biomolecules for presence of endogenous risk factors for disease development, pathological processes in a broad spectrum of tissues (epithelial tissues, intravascular disorders and bone tissues), and for evaluation of therapy effectiveness.

Fig.1. (а) Nerve cells growth stimulation upon exposure to terahertz radiation, (b) Study of terahertz transmission spectra in cataract-changed eye lenses of different density.

Diagnostic methods  using our laboratory prototypes present a noncontact, nonionizing, safe technique of nondestructive testing, which provides high spatial resolution.