Femtosecond optics and femtotehnologies

Spectral supercontinuum generation












Numerical and experimental study of the spread of high-intensity femtosecond pulses in optical media. Practical application of the experimental data communication systems and other applications.

Tcypkin Anton, Phd, Chief of Femtosecond Optics and Femtotehnologies Laboratory, Research Engineer

Experimental study of photonic crystal fibers 


Spectral supercontinuum generation in photonic crystal fibers and study the dispersion of such fibers.

Tcypkin Anton, PhD, Chief of Femtosecond Optics and Femtotechnologies Laboratory, Research Engineer

Terahertz application in non-destructive quality control and diagnostics


Development of new methods to analyse food quality by THz radiation. Development of new methods to visualise hidden objects. Development of new THz diagnostic methods in art restoration.

Grachev Yaroslav, research engineer

Nonlinear optics of femtosecond pulses

Kozlov S.A., Dr. of Science, Professor

Nonlinear THz optics

Investigation of peculiarities of self-phase modulation and spectrum superbroadening of single-cycle paraxial optical waves in homogeneous isotropic dielectric media with instantaneous cubic nonlinearity



Fig. 1. Change of temporal (a) and spectral (b) structures of single-cycle optical pulse due to self-action in nonlinear dielectric medium. Structures of field and modulus of spectrum of initial pulse are shown by a dashed line. τ, Ω are normalized time and frequency of radiation.1

Fig. 2. Spatio-temporal distribution of the electric field of wave packet (a) at the output of nonlinear medium and corresponding spatio-temporal spectrum (b). r0 is the input transverse beam width of wave packet, λmax is the wavelength corresponding to the maximum of spectrum of input wave packet. For example, usually for terahertz single-cycle waves λmax = 300 μm. kx is the spatial frequency.2


1. Drozdov А.А., Kozlov S.А., Sukhorukov A.A., Kivshar Yu.S. Self-phase modulation and frequency generation with few-cycle optical pulses in nonlinear dispersive media // Physical Review A. 2012. V. 86. N 5. P. 053822-10.

2. Drozdov А.А., Sukhorukov A.A., Kozlov S.А. Spatio-temporal dynamics of single-cycle optical pulses and nonlinear frequency conversion // Int. J. Mod. Phys. B. 2014. V. 28. N 12. P. 1442007-10.


Arkadiy A. Drozdov, PhD, Research Engineer

Photon echo experimental research in nanodimension films

Experiments were performed in two-photon excitation of the femtosecond signal of the primary photon echo. We registered the primary photon echo in the semiconductor layer of zinc oxide with a nanodimension thickness of (100, 600, and 800 nm). This phenomenon was displayed on the quantum transition, which corresponded to 400 nm under a room temperature. Photon echo was observed on the free exciton. Registration of the partially weakened energy echo signal, by the scattering on the optical phonons was carried out at a wavelength of 800-840 nm. Nano-optical effect of the account reducing of time of the irreversible transverse relaxation of the environment T2 with the decreasing of the layer thickness was detected. The established fact was connected, first of all, with the structural characteristics of the studied layer and, secondly, with a decrease of the intensity of the longitudinal interactions of excited particles with the diminution of the layer thickness.


Popov I.I., Vashurin N.S., Putilin S.E., Sidorova V.T., Stepanov S.A., Sushentsov N.I.Signals of the femtosecond photon echo in inorganic films and their recording. Physics of Wave Phenomena. 2013. Т. 21. № 1. С. 38-40.


Putilin S., PhD, Senior Researcher

Stimulated Raman scattering

Numerical and experimental research of stimulated Raman scattering in compressed gases and crystals. Application of SRS for spectral and time optical gating of signals.

Makarov Evgeny

THz imaging and holography

New methods of terahertz imaging and its scientific and technical applications

Pic. Reconstruction of the object with phase gradient relief in terahertz pulse time domain holography

Petrov Nicolay Vladimirovich, Phd; Kulya Maxim, PhD Student