International Institute "Photonics and Optical Information Technology"

International Scientific-Technical Center for Computational Optics, Photonics and Imaging

Development of objective assessment of local and systemic mechanisms of vasomotor regulation in patients with cephalalgia by new methods of blood pulsation imaging

  • Head : Kamshilin Aleksei Aleksandrovich

Formation, analysis and representation of Images by the 3D methods of videomatics

  • Head : Igor P. Gurov

International Laboratory "Technosphere Safety"

Research methods and principles of construction of devices and systems of technosphere safety

  • Head : Valery V. Korotaev

International laboratory "Advanced Photonic Materials and Technologies"

Advanced multifunctional nanostructured glass materials for photonics, LEDs and solar power engineering

  • Head : Nikonorov Nikolay Valentinovich

International Laboratory "Mathematical Research Methods of Complex Physical Systems"

Mathematical methods development for complex physical systems researche

  • Head : Igor Popov

Laboratory of Nonlinear Optical Informatics

Investigation of nonlinear-optical phenomena and their applications to optical communication, information processing, and laser physics

  • Head : Rosanov Nikolay Nikolaevich

International Laboratory "Networking Technologies in Distributed Computer Systems"

Application of technologies of software defined networks in the distributed computer systems

  • Head : Sergey Khoruzhnikov

Laboratory of Femtosecond Optics and Femtotechnologies

High-efficient pulsed sources of broadband terahertz radiation based on laser filamentation in liquids

  • Head : Anton Tcypkin

Nonlinearity of the refractive index of optical media in the terahertz spectral range

  • Head : Sergei A. Kozlov

Creation of new methods for THz-DTS visualization and spectroscopy of various objects by controlling the complex refractive index

  • Head : Olga Smolyanskaya

Development of methods and devices for optical and quantum informatics

  • Head : Sergei Kozlov

Study of terahertz absorption spectra of biological polymers in different phase / conformational states

  • Head : Olga Smolyanskaya

Investigation of femtosecond spectroscopy methods using ultrastrong broadband fields of terahertz radiation

  • Head : Victor Bespalov

Development of physical principles and optical systems of fast and secure communications and remote sensing objects

  • Head : Kozlov S.A.