Femtosecond laser AVESTA TiF-100-F4 (with regenerative amplifier AVESTA RAP1500)

Femtosecond laser system consisting of a main laser based on TiF and regenerative amplifier. Also  complex includes a scanning autocorrelator AVESTA AA-10DD, that provides for the control of the pulse duration (10 - 6000 fs) and emission wavelength (700 - 1300 nm), single-pulse femtosecond autocorrelator AVESTA, spectrometer AVESTA ASP-100MF, working in the spectral range 190 - 1100 nm, and a photodiode AVESTA APDS.

This laser system is widely used for discovering different physical processes, and also in the development of new laser femtotehnology of materials processing.

Emission wavelength 710 - 950 nm (800 nm)

Average power 500 mW (1.5 mJ pulse energy)

Pulse duration 100 fs (60 fs)

Pulse repetition frequency 90 MHz (10 Hz)