International scientific school-seminar "Mesoscopic modelling of ionic macromolecular and biomacromolecular systems"

International scientific school "Mesoscopic modelling of ionic macromolecular and biomacromolecular systems" will be held at the ITMO University June 9, 2014. The main objective of the event is the review of contemporary theoretical ideas about the properties and principles of organization of complex (bio)macromolecular systems and methods of simulation.

During the work of the school-seminar scientists and researchers from Russia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, USA, France and other countries will discuss the following topics in the scope of biophysics and nanobiotechnologies:

Working language is English.

Organizers of the event:

School-seminar is conducted in alliance with VIII international Symposium "Molecular Order and Mobility in Polymer Systems" (June, 2-6, 2014, St. Petersburg).

We invite everyone to participate. The event will be especially interesting to graduate students, undergraduates and postgraduate students specializing in the following areas:

For participation it’s necessary to register. To register and learn more about the event you can here.

When: 9:30am – 6pm, June 9, 2014

Address: the ITMO University, 4 Birzhevaya line, St. Petersburg.


Oleg Borisov,

Professor of the Department of Information Technologies in the Fuel and Energy Complex of the ITMO University, senior researcher of Institute of Macromolecular Compounds RAS

tel: +7-911-274-64-26