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Sergei Arkadevich Kozlov

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ITMO University


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01 August 2020

Researchers Develop Supersensitive Method to Measure Surface Topography With THz Radiation

23 June 2020

Scientists of the Faculty of Photonics and Optoinformatics have developed a method of encoding information for the 6G standard

15 April 2020

Laboratory of Quantum Processes and Measurements Launches at the Faculty of Photonics and Optoinformatics. Interview with Researcher

02 April 2020

Research is the work of my dreams!

29 January 2020

Scientists of International Institute of Photonics and Optoinformatics at ITMO University won the Ministry of Science and Education Grant

10 September 2019

Groundbreaking Results of Water Nonlinearity in THz Range in Nature Photonics Research Highlights

29 May 2019

Scientists of the International Institute «Photonics and Optical Information Technology» of ITMO University for the first time in the world measured nonlinearities in the terahertz frequency range.

16 May 2019

International Day of Light in the Laboratory of Femtosecond Optics and Femtotechnologies

29 November 2018

Physicists of the International Institute «Photonics and Optical Informatics» Conduct Study of Terahertz Radiation in Liquids

06 November 2018

Scientists of the International Institute «Photonics and optical information technology» of the ITMO University participate in «SPIE Photonics Asia-2018».

25 October 2018

The cooperation of the International Institute of Photonics and optical information technology of the ITMO University and the National Institute of telecommunications of Brazil.

01 September 2016

The Beginning of Student Life: The Day You’ll Always Remember

29 August 2016

Research Performance: ITMO in Russia's Top-Ten

26 August 2016

Dmitry Medvedev: “Higher Education Development” Forum’s Results to Form the Backbone of New Executive Orders

22 August 2016

Bringing Rock Stars Back to Life: Demystified

08 August 2016

Russia’s First Multi-Node Quantum Network: the Next Step for Quantum Communications of Tomorrow

08 August 2016

Life-hacks for Studying Abroad: Students Share their Advices

28 July 2016

Webometrics: ITMO Makes it to Top-3 Russian Universities

25 July 2016

ITMO U is in the Top-10 Russian Research Universities

12 July 2016

New Ways of Diagnosing Stomach Cancer

04 July 2016

ITMO U Coders Burst Into the Russian Media

04 July 2016

Graphene: Material of the Future

30 June 2016

Modern Universities: How to Struggle for Leadership but Don't Lose Individuality

26 June 2016

GEEK PICNIC Kicked Off On Elagin Island

23 June 2016

How Strategic Academic Units Change ITMO U Structure

17 June 2016

Vladimir Putin Opened Plenary Session at SPIEF-2016

17 June 2016

ITMO U Summer School Welcomed American Students

14 June 2016

Ranking Breakthrough: No Time For Rest

13 June 2016

International Council Shares World's Best Practices

02 June 2016

Keeping Up With ITMO University is No Easy Task

18 April 2016

More Than a Few Laughs: ITMO University Science Slam

13 April 2016

Fifth All-Russian Congress of Young Scientists: Space, Nano Chemistry and Time Control

07 April 2016

ITMO University in Top-200 for Teaching Quality

07 April 2016

Competitive Higher Education: Strategies, Trends and Transformations

01 April 2016

Vladimir Vasilyev: "It's MOre than a University. It's love."

30 March 2016

“Top Chairs” at ITMO

21 March 2016

Citius, Altius, Fortius: ITMO University Among the Leaders of Project 5-100

18 March 2016

ITMO University to Take Part in BRICS Network University

25 February 2016

Excellence Centers Build Bridges Between Science and Manufacturing

20 February 2016

Science Slam: Researchers VS TV

15 February 2016

ITMO Fellowship Stories: ”To Make the World a Better Place”

04 February 2016

International Year of Light Is not Over

30 January 2016

ITMO University Has Improved Its` Ranking Performance

04 January 2016

ITMO University Students Win SPIE Grants

30 December 2015

Summary 2015: Magic of Light, Innovations and Research Achievements

18 December 2015

ITMO University: One More Ranking, One More Achievement

15 December 2015

ITMO University Hit the Top of Russian Tech Universities

10 December 2015

Top Level Meeting: Project 5-100`s Сheckpoint

09 December 2015

ITMO's English Website Gets High Honors

27 November 2015

ITMO Sees a Boost in International Attendance

09 November 2015

Magic of Science and Smart Technologies. “Open University” Took Place for the Third Time

06 November 2015

Optical Student Chapter of ITMO University is the Best One!

03 November 2015

Future is Here: Open Innovations Forum and Technology Show Took place in Moscow

15 October 2015

Lasers, Holography and Medicine: International School on Photonics and Optical Information Technologies Takes Place in St. Petersburg

24 September 2015

ITMO University Optical Students Chapter Took Part in “European Microwave Week 2015”

23 September 2015

ITMO University Optical Student Chapter Is One of the Leading Student Chapters in the World

15 September 2015

Light Games: the First Russian Lights Festival “LumiFest” Coming to St. Petersburg

14 September 2015

ITMO University Optical Students to Launch Their Own Conference for Young Researchers

14 September 2015

Studying Abroad: ITMO University International Educational Programs

03 September 2015

How Quantum Systems Provide Total Security

03 September 2015

National Taiwan Normal University`s Officials Visited ITMO University

02 September 2015

Large Russian Universities Developed a National Platform for Online Learning

28 August 2015

ITMO University Participates in IRMMW-THz 2015 in Hong Kong

12 August 2015

ITMO University Students Returned from University of Rochester

11 August 2015

Russian Ministry of Education Develops Chinese Language Test for High School Graduates

02 August 2015

ITMO University Moves up in the International “Webometrics” Ranking

29 July 2015

Ask Hawking: Legendary Professor Will Answer Public's Questions

17 July 2015

The Researchers from ITMO University Simplify Diabetics' Life

16 July 2015

Students of ITMO University Fuse Sport, Science and Art

30 June 2015

International Symposium on Display Holography: New Perspectives of Science

24 June 2015

The students of ITMO University won the grant of the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers

15 June 2015

University of Rochester students complete ITMO University summer Photonics School

01 June 2015

2014 Summary. ITMO Annual Report.

01 June 2015

American students will carry out scientific research in Russia

22 May 2015

University students held ITMO Days in leading China's universities

20 May 2015

Programmers of ITMO University are the winners of the 2015 ACM for the sixth time

15 May 2015

ITMO University strengthens its position in Chinese education market

17 April 2015

What universities will face on second step of 5-100 Project realization

15 April 2015

Saint Petersburg development strategies will be discussed at the Harmony of Versatility Forum

02 April 2015

St. Petersburg Governor launched the International Year of Light in Russia

02 April 2015

Student Chapters Leadership Meeting in St. Petersburg

23 March 2015

ITMO University is a leader of the "5 in 100" Project

26 February 2015

The university delegation visited the leading US universities

15 January 2015

Magic of Light and OptoClones in St. Petersburg

27 November 2014

ITMO Representative Office opens its doors in Europe

25 November 2014

«HOPE – Horizons in Physics Education»: to unite to make physics more attractive

25 October 2014

Two projects of the ITMO University won the innovative projects competition in the field of photonics

20 October 2014

The opening of the International Congress of Optical Sciences "Optics-XXI Century"

03 October 2014

ITMO University goes global!

04 July 2014

The Conference "Laser Optics 2014": the latest advances in the field of optics and photonics

16 May 2014

Annual Contest of Graduates' Final Qualification Research Papers

15 May 2014

International scientific school-seminar "Mesoscopic modelling of ionic macromolecular and biomacromolecular systems"

14 May 2014

ITMO University Fellowship. Advance science. Change the world.

14 May 2014

Forum «Inspiring young people to study physics»

31 March 2014

The ITMO University organizes the VIII International Conference "Fundamental Problems of Optics - 2014"